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Make home life easier by discovering and investing in smart technology. With everything from kitchen appliances to taps covered by this new technology, we have methods to make your everyday processes easier. At Cre8 kbb, we offer the SmarTap product for your shower, allowing you to create a personalised shower experience. Call us now to discover more about what we do in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.


SmarTap has created the first truly smart, Wi-Fi™-connected shower system. Enjoy a personalised shower experience; perfect for you, every time. With SmarTap, you can bring connectivity into your bathroom, integrating your shower seamlessly into your smart home ecosystem.

Samsung™ Kitchen Appliances

What if the best innovation and design was built-in to your kitchen With Samsung's brand new range of high-tech kitchen appliances, it is!

Making Your Home Smarter?

Invest in smart technology for your home, including SmarTap and more!

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